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New Uniform Change      

The Department has approved a rocker patch for a retirees class "A" Uniform.  This will allow Retired Members to wear a "Class A" uniform to various ceremonial events of the department and be recognized as a retired member.        (If it still fits!!!)


New Member Registrations      

This site is again under a spam attack.

Because the members pages are password protected this attack

does not have any effect on the registered members, but it does

effect me because my information appears on several of the public


  The attack is coming via the new member registration form in such a manner

that I am now receiving over 450 new member registrations a day.

Obviously, I do not read any of them and I delete them all.

  I am removing access to the registration form from the site SO If anyone wishes

to have an information page on the site please send me your information on paper to

        Thomas H. Rinoldo,  2306 N Massachusetts Av, TAMPA, FL 33602


        Call me at (813) 310-0940