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  1. Getting Started
  2. Security
  3. How to Register
  4. How Do I Add Pictures
  5. How to Make Changes
  6. How to Contact the Webmaster
  7. What About Retirees That Do Not Own A Computer

Getting Started

There is only one step to having your information placed on this web and that is to fill out the "Member Registration Form."  When you click on the "Submit" button the system will send me an E-Mail with the information you typed on the form. Once the E-Mail is sent to me the form will be cleared.  None of the information will be saved to a database. The only file that will contain the information is the E-mail file stored on the web server waiting for me to retrieve it.  Once I retrieve it, it is downloaded to my local computer at my house. The computer then purges it from the server. After I verify that you are a retired or current member of the department I will then create a web page with the information you select to be presented. Once it is published I will set up your username and password. You will then have access to the members page.  The final step will be to send you an E-Mail letting you know your page is on line. This should only take 24 to 48 hours (unless I am away on vacation.)  

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Security of your information is one of my biggest concerns.  It would be nice to have instant access to the members page and it would be a lot less work to have the web server create the user and password interactive from your information.  Doing so however, would allow anyone to create a page and gain access to all of the information.  Using the system I have devised will allow me to screen all people who wish to have a web page presence on the retires web site.  I will only create a page for  Retired and Current Framingham Fire Department Members.  I will only give access to Retired and Current Framingham Fire Department Members. In this manner we have control over who gets into the members page.

Are there any guarantees?  In this day and age there is no way to guarantee that some smart ass will not hack into the site, but we can make it so difficult that only a prankster will spend a lot of time doing so.  Lets be realistic here.  There are so many ways to get your information (especially the limited amount of information posted here) that there will be little need to spend a lot of time and effort to try and figure out your password.  You will be amazed at how much of your information that $5.00 will buy from public sources.

If you have any questions or suggestions about security please sent them to me.

Please send an E-Mail to 

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How to Register

Click on the menu choice in the far left frame that says "Registration Form."  Fill out the form and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.

You will note that there is either a single red Asterisk (*), double red Asterisk (**) or a triple red Asterisk(***)  at the beginning of some fields and a "YES" or "NO" check box at the end of many fields.

Red Asterisk fields are required to be filled out.

Single asterisk fields are required and also have the "Yes/No" option.  It is defaulted to yes.  You may elect to check the "NO" box to have that field not published to the web.  

Double Asterisk fields are required minimum information and will be posted to the Web.

Triple Asterisk fields are required but will not be posted to the web.

All of the remainder of the fields that have no asterisk may be left blank.

If you make a mistake on the form and wish to start over, go to the bottom and click on the clear button. Go back to the top and start over.

If you feel you have made a mistake or wish to change your information after you have clicked the submit button follow the Change Form Process.  If you do this right away I will get both e-mails at the same time.

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How Do I Add Pictures

It would be nice if everyone submitted at least one picture of him or herself with their wife/partner.  Even better if they send an update every couple of years.  In the beginning you will be allowed to have as many pictures as you wish. It will be nice if you submit pictures of yourself on the department through your career. You will be sharing good memories with good friends.

There 2 ways to get the pictures on the site.

1.    Mail them to me, I will scan them in and return the pictures. Thomas H. Rinoldo, 2306 N. Massachusetts Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602

(Please send a stamped self addressed envelope for the return trip.) I can have them on their way back to you in 24 to 48 hours after the day I receive them. Please send an E-Mail to and let me know they are coming. Also let me know the date you mailed them.

2.    If your pictures are already in digital format or you scanned the pictures yourself just attach them to an e-mail to.  

    a    NOTE: Best format is .jpg or .gif,  but I can convert just about anything.

    b    If you are attaching several pictures do not attach more than 4 or 5 pictures per E-Mail. (Send more than one E-Mail if you need to.) (NOTE If you are using AOL you may not be able to attach more than one picture per E-Mail.)

    c    Another alternative for multiple pictures is to ZIP them into a single file then attach the ZIP file to an E-Mail.

        You can get a free download of "Winzip" at


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How to Make Changes

You will use the same form to make changes.  You will also use it to request that you be removed from the site.

At the top of the Form is a drop down selection field.  It is defaulted to New Registration.  The other selections are "Change of Information" and "Remove me from the site."

If you wish to change or add information, select the change option and fill out the required information along with the change or additional info then click on submit.

For Removal Select Remove Me and fill out the required information and submit.

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How to Contact the Webmaster

There are 3 ways to contact me.

    1.    Send an E-Mail to

    2.    Call me at home (813) 221-5442, or Mobile (813) 310-0940

    3.    Send a letter to Thomas Rinoldo, 2306 N. Massachusetts Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602

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What About Retirees That Do Not Own A Computer

If you know a retiree that does not own or use a computer or that does not have access to the internet you may go to the registration page, print the form and give it to him or her. They can fill it our and send it to me, Thomas H. Rinoldo, 2306 N. Massachusetts Avenue, Tampa, FL 33602.

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