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Hello and greetings from our house,

I decided to create this web site because I often wonder what everyone is doing and where they are living.  There have been times when I wanted to call old friends and say hi but had trouble locating their phone number.  I thought to myself "I bet a lot of the guys would like to have a place to look up friends."

I don't know what the final structure of the site will be or how the members will use it, that will obviously be up to the users. Your input will be vital in making this site both informative and interesting while at the same time giving me direction and guidance in building the site.

This is a place where you may keep your contact information so that other retirees may keep in touch with you. That information can include your address (both summer and winter) your phone number, your e-mail address, what's going on in your life and even one or more pictures.

It is purely voluntary and nothing will be posted to the site without your consent and approval.

The only exception to this rule may occur if you attend a gathering where members take pictures. You could appear in one or more of those pictures.  If you see a picture of yourself and wish it be removed let me know and I will see to it that it is.

I have a "Last Alarm" page so we may all know when a friend passes on. With your help this page can include members from years prior to the creation of this site. Please e-mail the information to me (The address is below)

Navigation through the site will be quite simple.  Click on a menu option to the left to go there.

To keep the site secure so that the general public cannot get access to your information I have made the members section a secure section.  You cannot get there without a Username and Password. You will select it when you provide your information but I will set it up when I create your page.  That way we can be assured that only retirees have access to the site.

For new users it may be helpful if you read the information and help page first.

Please start the process by clicking on the "Registration" option in the left panel.

If you cannot find it click here, Registration Form, to go to the form page, OR send me an E-Mail with your address and I will mail you a form. Click here to send E-Mail  thr@rinoldo.com

Thanks for visiting us and come back often.

Tom Rinoldo