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We purchased one lot and Traci purchased two lots from the City of Tampa in the section of Tampa Heights known as the "Highlands Sub Division."  Most of the remaining homes, those that were not torn down by the city, were build during the first half of the 20th century.  The older homes are of wood frame and the later homes are of block and stucco. 

We will be building a few blocks to the west of the Historic District.  The typical type of home here is Bungalow with some Victorian mixed in.  Most of the homes are somewhat smaller than in the historic district although there are many large two story homes.

This area is at the stage that the historic district was about 1997-98.  There has been some restoration completed already but we will be building the third and fourth new homes in the neighborhood.  Many of the other vacant lots have been sold or are under contract so things are beginning to move.

Tampa is bidding for the 2012 Olympics.  Our lots are located about 1 mile from the area they will build the Olympic village and about 3/4 of a mile from where the Aquatic center will be.  The Olympic Stadium will be about 4 miles from us.
North Massachusetts Avenue is a brick cobblestone paved street that runs due north and south. This first picture is taken facing north and our lots are on the left side of the picture behind the "for sale" sign.

The stop sign you can see in the far right side of the above picture is at the corner of N. Mass Av and W. Frances Street.  This is where Traci purchased 2 smaller lots. One is on the corner of N. Mass Av. and W. Frances St.  This lot had an address of 400 W. Frances Street and originally had a two story single family house on it.

The second lot is adjacent to it at 402 W. Frances street and also had a single family house on it.  The size of the lots were to small to build to today's code so she is combining them into one lot and changing the address to 2308 N. Massachusetts Avenue. 

Our lot is adjacent to and South of Traci's at 2306 N. Mass. Av. It originally had a two story two family house on it.

All three buildings were condemned and demolished around 1992 before the city started the project.  Water, Sewer and Gas service connections are still in the street so we will save a little money on impact fees.

These next two are some of the other houses that are also on Mass. Av.  As you can see we are just beginning in this area and have a ways to go.
These next two pictures are our lots.  Ours on the left and Traci's on the right.

Several homes in the neighborhood either have been or are currently being renovated.  This next picture is a large two story that someone started but has decided to sell.  Done correctly this will be a beautiful house on a corner lot. This picture was taken March 17th 2001.

This picture was taken Today November 17th 2001 and you can see much has been done.  The house was gutted, all the wiring and plumbing was stripped and everything rebuild.  It is once again a beautiful house.
This next picture is a house at the end of the same block on the opposite side of the street that was in the exact same condition six months ago.   
The next five pictures are some of the other houses in the immediate area.
In the previous picture you can see several people walking towards the home.  The neighborhood association holds two open house days each year where they showcase the new and renovated homes.  Interested people purchase a $5.00 ticket and are issued a pass that allows them to visit each house that displays the open house sign.  The city even provides free transportation for visitors to move from neighborhood to neighborhood,  you simply get on and off the three or four trolleys that continually drive a mapped route.
I have saved the best for last.  Probably the most beautiful renovation in our neighborhood is this next Victorian.  The day I took this picture the owner came out to see what I was doing.  I asked her for permission to take a picture and she asked "Why I wanted a picture of her house."  I told her that I was building in the area and wanted to take pictures of several houses in the area so that I could sit with our builder and design a house that fit the neighborhood.  She then asked me if I was going to copy her house.  I told her no I would not copy her house.  I don't blame her, if I owned this house I would not want someone building one just like it in the neighborhood either, and we're not.  By the way she did give me permission to take the picture.  I thank her and will share this picture with you.