Rebecca's First year


Rebecca's First year
Rebecca's Second Year


Rebecca Anne Rinoldo

Born May 31, 2001

The following pictures were sent by Caralinn and TJ Wednesday June 6, 2001.

It's May 31,2001, Rebecca's Birthday. Caralinn is saying "TJ!!! It's Time..." The house looks lonely waiting for Rebecca's arrival  Rebecca Comes Home............
Great Grandfather, Thomas J., Father, Thomas J., and Rebecca Anne Rebecca must have told a joke
More Pictures that arrived on 7/22/01 Teddy and Diamond Standing Guard. (Actually napping while on duty.) This is Teddy.  Caralinn had him before she met TJ. This is Diamond. TJ had her before he met Caralinn.
It's Christening Day, August 19, 2001.  TJ, Caralinn and Rebeca waiting for the priest. TJ, Caralinn, Rebecca, Godfather Gary McDougal and Godmother Mary Sarkees. Rebecca's Great Grandfather (My Father).
I filmed most of the Christening on Video Tape.  At the end of the ceremony (There were 6 Christenings that day) Father Larry Brault  (Father Larry as he is known) placed each baby on the alter, said a prayer and blessed them.  I have that on tape but at the end I switched to a still shot.  Here he has just lifted Rebecca from the alter. Father Larry  is handing Rebecca back to Caralinn.  
Helen Took this picture of Their House 2 days before the Christening.  If you look closely you can see hanging flowers in full bloom between each porch post.  Each of the plants have housed a pair of nesting birds this spring and each have produced a flock of babies.  In fact the one to the right of the door has eggs in it when this picture was taken.  Caralinn and TJ have done a wonderful job of decorating the house.
Caralinn's mother, Evelyn, Helen and my father sitting on the back porch and are waving hi to the camera.
Rebecca smiles for the camera. Grandma, Grandpa and Rebecca.

Rebecca has had her first formal portrait and it looks like she enjoyed the event.
That went so well I think I might become a movie star when I grow up...
But my dad's a firefighter so maybe I'll be a firefighter when I grow up...

Is it really time to get up?  Where is my coffee?
I know you put me to bed on my back with my head at the other end, but what can I say, I am a ball of energy.

What cher gonner do about it anyway?

How come I have to wear the goofy hat?
I'm cute and I know it, specially in this outfit.
Hey-hey-hey, I'm 6 months old and I'm havin a blast.
Stinky bib--I am not smiling!
So, you took the bib off.. Big deal!

I'm still not smiling.

WOW, look at all this stuff, I can't wait!!!!!  Can I open this one?


Well, If you won't let me open any, I'm going to eat the ribbon.


OK, I'll be good.  Teddy Clause and I are just going to sit here and wait for Santa.

Boy!  I'm growing up fast.  I'm over 7 months old.  I've got my first tooth and I have  learned to get my dinner all over my face... hay hay hay... makes mom and dad laugh and that makes me laugh. Here are some more pictures of me and my mom and dad. NOTE: Don't pay any attention to the date on some pictures, my dad forgot to change the year.  It is actually 2002.

Boy!  Am I having fun.  Do you want to see something cool my Grammy sent me.
A Valentines bear with lots of kisses for me!
See my new Horse.  Sometimes I act like I'm going to fall off and it keeps mommy on her toes. You should see how fast she moves when I lean to one side. Watch This!  He-He-He.  Don't mind the date,  I guess I'm going to have to grow up and teach daddy how to work this new camera. Ha Ha.
See my new overalls and look how tall I'm gettin.

HEY!  Look what I can do...
Next thing I am going to practice is climbing over the side.  I cannot wait to see Mommy's face when she comes in and finds me walking around the room.  If daddy would give me some of the rope he has in the basement I would practice repelling to the floor.  Won't that be fun...  Hey, want to see something...  Scroll down to the close-up below..
These are my first two teeth..

Check out these next 3 pictures, I'm lovin every minute of it.

Mothers Day 2002

Hey, Hey, Hey Look at me, Just like my daddy used to do.