Rebecca's Second Year


Rebecca's First year
Rebecca's Second Year


Rebecca Anne Rinoldo

Born May 31, 2001

Photos from May 31, 2002 to May 30, 2003

Hi everyone, It's June 1, 2002.  I had my first birthday yesterday and we're having a party today.
Here are a few pictures that my Grandfather took. Here Grammy Montiero and Grammy Rinoldo relax and watch my cousin Olivia play.
My aunt Lori is trying to keep me out of trouble.
My mom is helping me walk and keep my balance here.  My goal is to be walking and running by myself by Thursday the 6th.  I met that goal and I am having a ball.
Here is my POOH birthday cake.  I love POOH. I love him more when he is sweet and I can eat him.
The first thing I ate was the red balloon he was holding.  Don't I look great in "Red Frosting?"
Well, now that my belly's full of cake and mommy has washed my face, it's time to open presents.
I got lots of nice presents.  I even got my own car to ride in just like my mommy and daddy.
Look at me, I can walk right out the door.  I better remind daddy to paint the door...
Mommy took me to the photographer's in June.  I'm the cutest and I take a really beautiful picture if I do say so myself.