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Due to the delay of arrival of the roof trusses the interior partitioning was started before the trusses were set.

These next two pictures are taken from the front entrance looking to the rear.  Before the roof and after the roof  Just as in Traci's the interior framing is of metal studs, plates and headers.

The before and after looking from the rear toward the front.
Now that the trusses are in place and the sheathing is on, Keith and Jay are back doing the remainder of the framing. The trusses went on about November 17th, it is now December 4th and they are about ready for the other subs. Here they are working on our built-in entertainment center.
After a lot of discussion and a couple of changes it is complete.  A gas fireplace will be installed in the left opening and the TV in the larger opening.  The taller opening to the right will house the Stereo, VCR and other components.  It is a little hard to see here but there is a matching book shelf on the far left that will balance with the stereo cabinet.
Some of the final framing before the other subs arrive is this round opening in the gable end.  The entrance ceiling height goes all the way to the roof so a 9-light window here will provide light for the entrance.  The picture on the right shows Keith putting some finishing touches on the bathroom bay.
At last the subs arrive. On the left the Heating and AC guys are here and have completed installing the Ducts and have installed the air handler in the attic.  On the right the plumbers have finished their rough in.
Next the gas fitters are in and have run gas piping for the kitchen cook top, clothes dryer, water heater and to the entertainment center.  The same afternoon the firebox was installed and the gas piped to it.  It is now December 15th and we are held up waiting for the electricians.  The economy might be slow is some areas but not in the building trades, at least not in Florida.  There is so much construction going on that everyone has more work than they can handle.  The wait does cause a bit of frustration but I guess it's better to wait than have them squeeze us in and do a half-assed job.
It is December 23rd and a week has gone by with not much being done.  Lynn and the boys were in on Wednesday for a half a day doing some small tasks and to do a general clean-up on the lots. Lynn says the electricians will be in this week.  I don't expect them until after Christmas, maybe Wednesday or Thursday,  We'll see.

It's now February 10th and much has happened.  All of the subs have been in, Electric, Plumbing, AC and Helen, Traci and I have pulled and secured all of the Structured media wiring.  We have also installed the rough-in for the Central Vacuum System ourselves. The interior framing crew has also done much of the framing for the entrance and for the entertainment center.
1/2 inch plywood has been attached to the walls to provide a secure backing to hang the kitchen cabinets
The insulating crew has finished placing fiberglass battings where the blown in will not work and finally on February 13th the Sheet rockers begin.
I went back again on the 14th and caught this picture of them having lunch. A fine looking, hard working crew.
By Saturday the 16 they were done. This is a picture of the Kitchen
A picture of the family room and the entertainment center and fireplace.  All that is left before mudding is the Sheetrock Screw inspection.

Talk about frustration..  The above picture was taken on February 16th.  The picture below was taken on March 9th and all that has happened in all that time is a few fixes of problem areas, the Screw Inspection and the joints have been Taped and the walls are compounded.  15 work days (3 work weeks) not counting weekends even though they did work Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd of March so you could look at it as 17 work days.  It took 7 days to tape and compound Traci's house (1500 Square Feet) and 9 plus days to do ours (2300 Square Feet).  It should not have taken more than 4 days to do both houses, possibly a 5th to do some final sanding and touch up.  The problem is they put 2 people on a job that should have 6.  They did have a 3rd helper on our house but he had 2 speeds, super slow and reverse. He may have cut the time by one day, from 10 to 9.  I'm getting so disappointed in the ability to get these (small) houses built in a timely manner.  It's been 14 months since we broke ground and at this pace it will be at least 2 more.  16 months which is 9 months more than it should have taken.  I wonder if he would let me live in the house for 9 months before I give him his final payment. %$^!#*&%@

Well, it's been a little over a month from the above picture.  There is progress but it is sloooow.  The interior doors and trim are in, the walls and trim have been textured and painted. and as you can see below the kitchen cabinets are going in.
Between April 15th and May 2nd there has been a slow but steady stream of work on the inside.  On May 2nd the tile work is complete.
On May 16th the Kitchen, Hall bath and utility room cabinets and counter tops are finished. All that is left are the Master Bathroom vanities.
When we returned from Mass on June 7th the master bathroom cabinets and vanities are in.