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Work on our house finally started Monday June 25th.  I have taken the time to explain the progress of building an ICF house on Traci's page.  For the time being I won't bore you again on this page.  I will just place the pictures with only a small caption when necessary.
One of the differences that our house will have that Traci's does not is that our master closet will also be built as a safe room.  The picture below to the left shows the cutout where the room wall will meet the outside wall.  As luck would have it while drilling the floor slab to insert  the walls re-bar they hit the cold water service pipe.  2300 square feet of floor space and a one inch hole hits a 3/4 inch pipe.  The guy drilling the hole should try playing the lottery.  They tried repairing it with a small 1 square foot hole but eventually cut out a much larger hole to get enough flexibility to repair the pipe as you can see in the picture to the right.
The walls continue to rise The garage door openings are in place, 10 foot high. The walls reach full height, 9 foot 4 inch. Seven course of block
Back to the Safe Room.  Below the walls are in place.  They are concrete and integrate into the outside walls.  This room will eventually become our master closet, 8 by 12 feet. A metal door and casing will provide safety against flying objects in a storm. The ceiling for this room will also be reinforced concrete.
The Front Porch lentils are up... are the rear porch lentils.
The next four pictures show that the bracing is in place and the walls are ready for concrete.  It is September 25th.  the pour was scheduled for tomorrow but the weather calls for heavy rain so it is re-scheduled to Monday October 1st.
Monday Morning October 1, 2001 at 7:45AM.  It's about 70 degrees, dry with a mild breeze.  When I arrive at the house the pump truck is already set up.  I know, looks like he's tangled in the wires but the boom is entirely inside the lot.
Front View, Note the outriggers.  Plenty of stability. The rear hopper area. This is where the cement truck dumps the cement.  The operator is spraying fuel oil all over the rear, helps keep any splashed concrete from sticking. The cement truck dumping into the hopper.
I took an early lunch from work and found them pouring the garage walls.  They have already made 2 complete circles around the house and have the walls better than half full.  This Boom truck is a 39 meter boom.  Charles tells me they make one 50 meters.  It's hard to imagine, this thing's a monster!
The house is 44 feet wide and 80 feet deep and he pumped all of the walls from this one location.
One worker guides the hose, like a giant elephant's trunk, the next worker follows him with a large vibrator and inserts it into the concrete to remove any air pockets while a third worker below raps the form work to help it settle and also watches for any blow-outs.  The man standing on the scaffolding to the far right has the pump truck controls on a shoulder harness and maneuvers the boom so that the hose is always positioned over the form.  He was quite talented.  He must have spent his childhood playing pac-man.  In the right hand picture you can see him inserting the vibrator.  You can also se the Simpson hurricane ties that will hold the roof on.
They are beginning the final round that will fill the walls to the maximum level at the same round they will pour the roof of the safe room. This is Charles Lent.  He is the owner of Stonewood Homes.    When they do a pour it takes all hands and all the experience they can get.  Here he is toweling the top and inserting the Hurricane ties.
I went back again after work at 5:30PM.  Everyone has gone.  This is a view from the top of the walls.  You can see there are hundreds of hurricane straps. This is a picture of the ceiling of the Safe Room/Master Bedroom Closet.  The pipe you see in the lower right is the AC duct opening.
Eight days later, Oct. 8th, The bracing comes off.  Here on the inside. As well as the outside.
There has been a screw up on the roof trusses, either they were not ordered on time or the factory just didn't start them.  It will be 2 to three weeks before they are delivered.  Charles decides to begin interior partitions while they wait. Looking from front to rear.. Looking from rear to front.
Finally the Trusses arrive on October 25th.  Now the delay is with the framing crew not being available. The Trusses have been on site 13 days before the crew arrives to start.  They lift the small trusses by hand over the garage but will not lift the rest until a crane is available. another 2 days delay.
They finish the day prepping the gable ends before they are lifted in place. This is the rear garage gable end which has had the plywood nailed to it. Monday morning November 12th I arrived about 11:30AM and the framing crew was hard at work slinging trusses.
It took most of the remainder of the day to install all the large trusses. These guys are pretty agile and climb around on these trusses with a lot of ease.
The last 4 trusses are raised and are resting together in a bunch leaving enough room to place 2 pallets of sheathing on the 2 front corners of the walls.  This is the final lift for the crane. The roofers took the day off on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday, took the day off on Thursday and are seen here on Friday installing the sheathing. the entire roof is covered, except for the front four trusses, by Friday night.  They said they would be back on Monday November 19th to finish.  We'll see.
On Friday Dave worked all day framing the bay window section in the front wall of the master bathroom.  No small task.  A lot of angles. He was meticulous to see that they were all cut perfect.

It is Wednesday 11/21/01 and the bay is all framed in.

Also, as you can see in the next picture, the the roof crew has finished framing the roof.  (Almost, there is a little work to be done in the back but it's the day before Thanksgiving and everyone will  be off till Monday)

Work has been continuing on the inside throughout December.  On Jan. 3, 2002  the windows are installed. 
On January 4, 2002 the roof shingles arrive and are hoisted to the roof. A double slider is installed in the master bedroom giving direct access to the back porch.

The remainder of the doors went in on 2/4/02. Below is the Front door, except the transom which will be installed later Below is the double French doors leading from the dining room to the rear porch.
The roof was finished on January 26th.  A view from the south. A View from the North.
On or about April 11, 2002 the siding crew begins applying Pressure Treated Strapping to the exterior in prep for the Hardi-Board Clapboards.  On April 22nd the first piece of siding is attached.  It will take them until after May 17th to complete the job.