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In November, 1996 I went to work part time for a company named "Write Occasions, Inc." This was a company owned by two transplants from New York City named Jack Cohen and Neal Crystal.  I loved working there so much that I decided to except their offer for a full time job as the Office Manager/Accountant/Controller.

Write Occasions was a chain of Hallmark Gold Crown Stores located throughout Central Florida.

On November 6, 2000 Jack and Neal sold the stores back to Hallmark Cards.  Their mission was to dissolve the corporation and retire.

They were in business for over 20 years which began with one store in Orlando and grew over the years to 9 stores.  I have begun a web site to provide a place for many of the employees and managers to share their pictures of the years working there with one another.

I know most of you visiting this site will not know any of the people there but, you may find it interesting to see some of the people I worked with.

Click on this link to visit that site.


It is March 1, 2001 and as most of you know I have recently changed jobs.  I now work for a company called KView,Inc.  The company develops one minute rich media content help/training programs.  You may sample some of those programs for a 30 day free trial by going to our web site called The company is located just outside of downtown Tampa in the "Channelside District."  Another one of the Mayors projects is to develop this district into a tourist center.  This next picture is a rendering of the plans for the area.  I have placed an arrow on the building where I work. UPDATE: Kview filed Chapter #7 Bankruptcy on January 15, 2002.  I am again out of work.
Helen is still working at Walgreen's.  She even owns a piece of the company now, a small piece  but a piece none the less.

I visited her at work recently and caught her hard at work.