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 We have purchased a lot of land in the neighborhood of "TAMPA HEIGHTS."  We are currently constructing a bungalow style house that fits with the architectural style of most of the neighborhood.

On this page there are thumbnail pictures of the floor plan and rendered views showing the general appearance.

Helen and I designed the floor layout and drew it up in a program called Punch Suite. The Floor layout has changed slightly from these pictures. The builder's engineer  found some more closet space and stuff like that.  Also the Garage doors will be in the rear yard not the side yard as shown here.  To View the pictures full size click on the picture.

The rendered views are from our drawings not the builders and they do not show the complete detail as we will build, but they do give general view of the house.  Also some of the pictures show Traci's house as she is building on the lot next to ours.  I combined them as I wished to get an idea of what they were going to look like together. I have taken the liberty of showing hers here, You can see more of Traci's by going to her web site  (Click Here for Traci 's site)

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Our Floor Plan

Both Houses to Will Have Polysteel® Walls

Traci's Floor Plan


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POLYST2.JPG (96315 bytes)

POLYST1.JPG (74451 bytes)

TRACI2.JPG (35838 bytes)

                                   Our House is Green, Traci's is Yellow 

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