Foundation & Slab


Foundation & Slab
Traci's ICF Walls & Roof
Tom & Helen ICF walls


Construction finally began on January 30, 2001.  Here you can see a crew is digging a trench that will become the form for the footings.  The footings will be 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep with re-enforcing Re-Bar laid through the base of the form and about 1 inch from the bottom.  Attached to them will be L shaped Re-Bar that will be attached at the bottom and will extend through the top and into the Stem Wall.  These 4 men dug the trenches for both houses  in one day and all by hand, and compacted them.  I didn't know we still did anything by hand today.  Then we had a little delay.  The compaction test did not pass the first so the builder sent the crew in for another day of compacting.  The second test passed on the morning of this picture.

If you look closely at this next picture you can see the rebar laying against the side of the trench.  We are now waiting for another Inspection of the rebar placement.  It is February 12th.  Then another delay.  Two dogs took up residence on the nice fresh dirt.  They dug several holes and in doing so partially filled in some of the trenches of both houses.  The inspector again failed them and it took more than a week to get them cleaned up and get another inspection.

At last the first bit of Concrete is poured.  It is March 1, 2001.  The footings are in...

On March 12th 2001 we received delivery of the block for the stem walls.

By March 26th the blocks are in place for the stem walls.  The next week they were filled with concrete.  This next picture is looking at the front of the house.  If you look closely you can see the top course of block has a 4 inch deep notch half the width of the block cut out of it.  This is for support for a 4 inch overhang of the slab around the building.   The section to the right does not have the notch and will be the front porch.

This next drawing shows a cross section of the Footing, Stem wall and floor slab design.  It also shows where the ornamental brick work will be placed to give the appearance of bungalow resting on brick columns. 

This next picture shows the interior of the stem wall being filled with a gravel that compacts well.  It is being graded and compacted. It is now April 12th.

On April 13th they were in again for another round of compacting and to replace some of the top blocks that got damaged during the filling process.  The green curled up pipe you can see is a gas pipe service line that the gas company and dig safe said was not there.  Fortunately it was disconnected at the street.

April 18th, 2001 the plumbers are here.  You can see the water service trench from the meter to the house.  It is PVC plastic and is about 18" below grade at the meter to about 12" below at the house.  At the house it converts to copper, comes up on the outside of the stem wall and enters the building just below the slab level.  The main water shut off and an outside spigot are installed in this copper section.  Once inside the wall it then converts back to PVC.

Same day, the interior rough-in is complete.  You can see the sewer vent stacks rising above the floor slab level.  You cannot see the hot and cold water piping but it is also rising above the slab in all the right places.  I happened to be there when the inspector arrived.  I had a nice talk with him as he went over the entire system.  He then said to me that the plumbing company our builder is using is one of the best in the area and that they do excellent work.  He passed both housed the first time.

On April 20, 2001 the plumbers outside crew arrived and made the final sewer connections.  The tall vertical pipes will eventually become cleanouts and will terminate just below grade. 

It is now May 12th and not much has happened.  The forms are up for the slab for Traci's house.  I'm beginning to get nervous. 
The forms are finished for Traci's house the land has been treated for Termites and the wire mesh is in place.  Plans are to pour the slab on Tuesday, May 22.
Another Delay,  It was discovered that the crew installing the forms screwed the forms to the cold water pipe.  Result, postpone the slab pour and make repairs. I am not happy with the delay, but, I am glad that Charles is doing the right thing.  He appears to be on top of things and makes sure things are right before moving on. That is a good thing and it makes dealing with the delays a little easier.

Finally the cement trucks arrived.  It is about 7:30AM on May 29th and the slab gets poured.
I went back in the afternoon and the slab for Traci's house has been toweled and is hard enough to walk on.
June 5, 2001 The forms came off of Traci's House and were installed on Our house.  You can see the 4 inch slab overhang.  The exposed Re-Bar will go up the center of the ICF walls and will be carried all the way to the roof. We expect to begin the walls on Monday June 11th.
The Forms are in place to pour the same type of slab as is on Traci's house.  It is Tuesday June 5, 2001 late afternoon.  The Concrete crew will be in tomorrow to prep the interior and place the rebar.  The next four pictures were taken on  Wednesday afternoon.  The slab is ready for pouring and waiting for the City Inspector on Thursday.

Front porch area

Master Bath, Framed area is shower

Rear porch area

Utility room and half bath

This is a picture of the main man on our job.  His name is Keith and he is pictured here walking on Traci's house.  I feel comfortable with him here, He is a hard worker and takes great pain to see that things are correct before moving on.  It is Thursday and Keith is making some small changes, Vacuuming the loose dirt from the top of the block walls and waiting for the Inspector.  The Inspector arrived about 4PM and passed the Pre-Pour inspection.
I arrived at 7:00am on Friday June 8th in time for the first Cement truck.  Unfortunately it was so humid I could not get any pictures.  The camera kept fogging up.  I came back at 11:30 and they were toweling the main portion of the house.

I remember the days when this job was done by hand on your hands and knees.  I guess that shows how really old I am.

Charles says he uses this company for all of his cement work.   They do good work and can be counted on.  It was hot this day and they worked steady all day with hardly a break.

As you can see the main level is poured and has set up enough to allow removal of the forms around the porches and shower pits.

I came back at 2:00pm and the remainder was poured and is setting up.

From the rear looking toward the front.  The last cement truck is cleaning up.

The crew takes a break in the shade waiting for the last pour to set so they can make the finish trowel.  I Don't know their names or I would put them here.  If one of you sends me an E-mail identifying them by picture I will add the names.

Thank you guys for all the hard work and a fine Job.

After Dinner Helen and I went down to check out the new floor.  I am standing in the Computer room.

Helen is standing in the Kitchen.


This page will temporarily end here.  This Phase of Construction is almost complete.  A couple more pictures when we remove the forms then it's on to the ICF Walls.